MandirOnline Research

MandirOnline Research (MORE) is an initaitive to present unaltered findings from our research, mostly on Ancient and Medieval India. The research is based on following categories:

◙ History: History of Civilization in the Indian subcontinent, pertaining to Ancient and Medieval Times, i.e. pre-historic till 1100 CE.
◙ Scripture: Major religious scriptures that were composed in the Indian subcontinent during Ancient, Medieval and Invasion-Colonization Period.
◙ Science: Scientific Inventions and Discoveries in Ancient and Medieval India.

MandirOnline Reearch is free to access from anywhere, and can be used to cite references and research data.

*Ancient Period dated before 0 BCE.
*Medieval Period dated between 0 CE and 1100 CE.
*Invasion-Colonization Period dated between 1200 CE and 1947 CE.


The idea of MandirOnline Research originated from the fact that there is a vast amount of knowledge related to Ancient History, Scriptures and Science, most of which are not properly documented or in the verge of extinction with passage of time. Our mission is to accelerate research and share the findings as it is to our audience. Access to all these finding is free for everyone, and can be used as a baseline for any further research.