Legend of Shri Ramakrishna Paramahansa

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The superior form of a person is one whose heart swings with devotion, mind dances in the rhythm of God, and purity of spirit uplifts the whole of human civilisation. An enlightened yogi and a mystique – Shri Ramakrishna Paramhansa, whose mind was blissed with the devotion of Maa Kali, became the frontier for the new definition of spiritualism in … Read more

Legend of Lord Mahavira

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Lord Mahavira is an ancient and globally revered personality whose profound spiritual teachings find resonance and relevance even in these times. Lord Mahavira, popularly known as Bhagvan Mahaveer, adorns a significant position in history as a blessed soul who revived Jainism, popularized its concepts, and encouraged people to focus on a life of noble deeds to ensure a good Karma … Read more

Legend of King Vikramaditya

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Indian cultural history is replete with myths and legends, origins of which can be traced back to ancient history of the subcontinent. Stories of brave warriors and great rulers mixed with extravagance serve as a perfect blend of history and mythology. Legend of King Vikramaditya is one such example. According to some noted historians, a certain king of Ujjain fought … Read more

Legend of Lord Buddha

‘Buddha’ does not refer to a name, but is a Sanskrit title used to indicate a person who is spiritually awake and enlightened towards the real meaning of existence. When most people refer to the Buddha, they are clearly referring to Siddhartha Gautama – the founder of Buddhism. The significance of Buddha is evident from the way he is revered … Read more

Legend of Lord Krishna

Ancient India heralded the beginning of a spiritually glorious and historically eventful era with the birth of a divine being named Krishna. He is considered as the eighth avatar of Vishnu and the ‘Preserver of the World’ who redefined spirituality and enlightened mankind about duty, devotion and the ephemeral nature of worldly life. One of the most popular Hindu deities … Read more

Legend of Lord Rama

Shri Ramachandra also known as Lord Rama is considered as the seventh avatar of Lord Vishnu by Hindus, the eighth Balabhadra by Jains, a divine incarnation by Sikhs, and a revered person by the Buddhists. Rama and his life find relevance even today because of the qualities he represents. Although he is revered the world over as a religious deity, … Read more

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