Explore Temples, Shrines and Spiritual Places in North America

The continent of North America consists of 23 countries including the United States, Canada, and Mexico. North America is a culturally diverse continent and home to millions of residents from Asia, Europe, and African countries. The list of temples here, affiliated to different religions like Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism, is very long.

There are more than 1000 Hindu Temples spread across the North America. Sri Maha Vallabh Ganapati Devasthanam, New York, is the first Hindu temple established in the Unites States. The Shiva Vishnu Temple in South Florida and The Akshardham Temple in New Jersey are assumed to be some of the USA’s largest Hindu temples.

With a sizeable Jain population, there are more than 100 Jain Temples and Cultural centers spread across North America, to unite the Jain faith under one roof. Some of the major Jain temples are The Jain Center of America Queens in New York City, Jain Center of Northern California, and the St. Louis Jain temple in Missouri, United States.

Buddhism is the fourth largest religion globally has its religious centers throughout the continent. There are Calgary True Buddha Pai Yuin Temple and The Raymond Buddhist Church in Canada. While the prominent ones in America are the Monastery of Christ in the Desert, New Mexico, and the Mahayana Temple, South Cairo, New York. There are millions or Sikh followers in North America who practice Sikh Dharma. Some of the major Gurdwaras in North America include Gurdwara Guru Ravidass Temple in Pittsburgh and Gurdwara Sahib of San Jose in United States.

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