Dakshineswar Kali Mandir, Dakshineswar, Kolkata, West Bengal

Dakshineswar Kali Temple is a Hindu Navaratna temple located at Dakshineswar. Situated on the eastern bank of the Hooghly River, the presiding deity of the temple is Bhavatarini, an aspect of Kali, meaning ‘who liberates her devotees from the cycle of life and death’.

Dakhineshwar Kali Temple West Bengal
Dakhineshwar Kali Temple West Bengal

Dakshineswar was a small village along the eastern banks of the River Ganga. The temple was founded in the year 1855 by Rani Rashmoni, following a dream she saw when she was about to start on her pilgrimage to Benaras. Accoring to legends, in the year 1847, Rani Rashmoni prepared to go upon a long pilgrimage to the sacred Hindu city of Kashi to express her devotions to the Divine Mother. The night before the pilgrimage began, Rashmoni had a vision of the Divine Mother in the form of the Kali, Goddess said – There is no need to go to Banaras. Install my statue in a beautiful temple on the banks of the Ganges river and arrange for my worship there. Then I shall manifest myself in the image and accept worship at that place. The large temple complex was built between 1847 and 1855 CE.

The temple is also famous for its association with Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa, a mystic of 19th Century Bengal. The temple was dedicated in the name of Rani’s Guru, and Sri Ramkumar (elder brother of Sri Ramakrishna), was the head priest, who installed the idol of Kali in the new temple with a grand splendor on Thursday, 31st May, 1855.

The exceptionally open-minded Rani wished that all devotees could offer prayers at the temple. Her dreams were fulfilled since irrespective of religion and castes Dakshineswar is thronged by millions of devotees and admired for its peaceful ambiance.

Daily Schedule & Rituals

◙ Temple Opens – 06.00 A.M
◙ Morning Darshan For General Public – 06.30 A.M. to 12.30 P.M.
◙ Evening Darshan For General Public – 05.00 P.M. to 07.30 P.M.
◙ Temple Closes – 08.00 P.M.

Mandir NameDakshineswar Kali Mandir
DeityGoddess Kali
EstablishedThe current temple was build in the year 1855
AddressDakshineswar Kali Mandir, Dakshineswar,
Kolkata, West Bengal 700076
MandirIndex NumberIND-700076-100001
AffiliationSanatana Dharma

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