MandirOnline Research (MORE)

MandirOnline Research (MORE) is an initiative to present unaltered findings from our research, mostly on Ancient and Medieval India. The research is based on following categories:

MandirOnline Research (MORE) represents an initiative dedicated to presenting unadulterated research findings primarily focused on Ancient and Medieval Bharat. Our research encompasses the following categories:

◙ History: Delving into the history of civilization within the Indian subcontinent, spanning from prehistoric times to 1100 CE.

◙ Scripture: Exploring the major religious scriptures composed during Ancient, Medieval, and Invasion-Colonization periods in the Indian subcontinent.

◙ Science: Investigating the scientific inventions and discoveries made during Ancient and Medieval India.

MandirOnline Research offers centralised access from anywhere, serving as a valuable resource for referencing and researching data.

*Ancient Period dated before 0 BCE.
*Medieval Period dated between 0 CE and 1100 CE.
*Invasion-Colonization Period dated between 1200 CE and 1947 CE.


The inception of MandirOnline Research stemmed from recognizing the vast reservoir of knowledge related to Ancient History, Scriptures, and Science, much of which remains inadequately documented or at the risk of fading away with time. Our mission is to expedite research and share the findings in their original form with our audience. All these valuable findings are freely accessible to everyone and can serve as a foundation for further research endeavours.

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